Sunday, March 9, 2008

Birthday wishes

One of the things I love about our "Frida and Numa" kumuna is the birthday swap. Each of us get a name of a girl and her birthday date. We are to make something small and a card from all the girls in the kumuna. I got Dorli name, her birthday is on April 01, so I wanted to make the staff as soon as possible. Last night I put the final touch on the notebook and tomorrow I will send it to Israel. I know it is early but I want it to arrive on time (or before) but not late... :-)

Dorli likes far east design and theme so I hope she will like what I've made for her.

This is the notebook I've made. The Chinese word symbol is standing for spring. Thought it will be very appropriate to make it to an April birthday girl :-)

The birthday card I've made. Some of the flowers are 3D...

Here are the 3D flowers...

Happy birthday Dorli! Wishing you all the best, may your days will be full with love, crafts friends and happiness.

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