Saturday, March 15, 2008


Shrine is a new area for me in crafts. Shrine it's a box (hand made or a box you had) that contain a crafty subject. The subject can be anything you want. The first shrine swap I ever sign in was the one that took place in "Frida and Numa" Kumuna. I am to send to T42 (That's the girl Internet name) who is one of the most creative girl I know! She is sooooo good in design and making cards and staff. I was really happy at first to get her name but second after I got scared... she is soooo good what if she won't like what I'm doing.. well, I had to get over my fear and make something... In the kumuna T42 said she wants to get some of the sender life... so I send her some of my ocean love. I do hope she will like it...

The cover, Acrylic painting

The inside...

The card I've made

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