Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bahama Mama..

I couldn't believe it but we did it. We flew! Well, more to say, Sheldon did :-). I have no problem to fly, actually I LOVE flying, it's Sheldon that don't feel comfortable on the plan... So, when Sheldon told me that we are going on vacation to the Bahamas I couldn't believe it! We went for a five days vacation and we enjoyed it so much! I have lots of photos and lots of ideas for scrapbooking pages. We went with Anita and Rob, our friends from Timmins, Canada and left the end of the winter behind us and welcomed the sun. We had lots of fun. We stayed next to Nassau, the Bahama's capital but we traveled all over the place.

We took the ferry to Harbour Island (3 hours ride) and enjoyed this little island for a day. We went to the Pink Sand restaurant for lunch and we really enjoyed the food, sun and the view! After the meal and few drinks Anita and I went for a swim in the ocean and the guys took the golf cart for a ride (on Harbour Island there is almost no cars but most of the people ride the golf cart).

On other day we went deep sea fishing and had a great four hours on the boat. We didn't get any big fish ... and only before going back we got a Barracuda (a small one!) :-( ....

Now I'm getting ready for Passover visit in Israel. Can't wait to see my nephews and nieces, specially Roei and Ariel which I last saw when they were only small babies...

The view from our hotel room...

The view from the Pink Sand restaurant

The Barracuda that we caught

One of the beaches ...

Sheldon and I (nice to meet you all) :-)

Some more view :-)

Till we meet again..

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