Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quilt of our life

Yesterday, Oct. 11 we celebrated five years of marriage.
I had some ideas what to make Sheldon on this special day but we didn't go home but went to his parents, so I didn't have all my supplies with me. I went to my sister in law Susan and got some staff... I made a paper quilt card that is actually made by two squares size 6*6 in. I fold the squares to made triangles, used basic gray papers to make the quilt.

I made some triangles with light color so I can write to Sheldon my wish to more years with him and my reasons to love him that much.

He loved the card and was really moved by it!


Bentov Anat said...

מקסים! מתוחכם ועשיר אהבתי מאוד

Galit Mass-Ader said...

סליחה שלקחת לי כל כך הרבה זמן לראות ולכתוב אבל חזרתי מי מחודש בתאילנד.........ישר ליופי שאת יוצרת
איזה כייףףףףףףףףףףף
מזל טוב לשלדון ולך ועוד המון שנים מאושרות ומקסימות

גלית מס-איידר- ארייה