Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CD's in a new look .. ..

take a look on the address lable on one of the Cd's...Life are not just black and white, live colorfully

no name one

live colorful life

I love swapping staff with other people. when I found the swap-bot web site I was really happy! Here I can swap crafty staff with people from all over the world!!! How fun is that.

For this swap we are to take a CD and give it a face lift. I love doing that, taking a thing that in our daily life we don't give it a second thought and transfer it to something else, more beautiful and some time more useful. here I took three Cd's and transfer each one of them to a post card... two of them will be sent to people in Canada and the third one will fly over sea to England. To cut the circle I have used my Making Memories circle cutter which I LOVE. For the address I have cut a small circle and stamped it with a circle lined stamp. For the cutted fonts I have used my Cricut machine, I just LOVE it and have so much fun cutting almost every thing with it (letters, shapes etc.).

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