Sunday, January 13, 2008

cup cake and more...

I have a friend back home; I got to know her through an Israeli craft forum. She has a blog as well so this way I keep in touch with her. That’s how I found out she is expecting a baby girl... I knew already that she loves cup cakes... Just before Christmas with all the Christmas shopping I went to Wall Mart (love it!!!) and saw a cup cake designed baby girl bibs!!! I knew I have to buy them and send them over to my friend in Israel. So, I did.

Now what left is to make the card to it... well, I knew it will have a cup cake (ofcours :-)) but didn't know which material to use. In the end I chose Felt. I got a cup cake die cut design and used Sue's (my sister in low) cuttlebug to cut it. Then I stitch around and put some beads on and there it is!

It's been a while (more then 10 years) since I last stitch so it is not perfect but I hope she will like it.

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