Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aqua swap

In the kumuna "Frida and Numa" we had an Aqua swap. For this one we needed to send one crafty gift, a hand made card and few scrapbooking materials. I got my friend Dorli as my partner for this swap, so I thought it will be nice to spoil her. I was late in sending the package, so I hoped she will love the staff I've sent and forgive me for this booboo... :-).

I was right about it...

The first gift I've made was a runner for her dinning table. I got the material from the hobby shop in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, aren't them beautiful??? I loved the strong aqua color in them.

The second gift I've made are three altered Cd's that make the word "FAMILY". I know I had to make only one, but as I said before I was really late sending it and beside it, I had lots of unused Cd's all around the house... So putting three of them for good work was really good!

For those two gifts I've added some ribbons, paper and all kind of staff that will help Dorli to make her beautiful cards...

Finally I've made this card.

After talking to Dorli on the phone I'm happy to say that she LOVED every thing I've sent her. I'm really happy she did and I hope she will continue crafting her great crafts!

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