Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shavuot - the best Jewish holiday ever!

There are lots of holidays in the Jewish calender. All of them are loaded with lots of food and fancy dinners, but Shavuot is the best! Being the only holiday which all the food is dairy food... Yammmm :-)

On June 8th, we all gathered at Sheldon's mom house to celebrate this great holiday. Our Friends from Toronto join in and Kristian friends from Calgary were lucky to be in that day... Because Sheldon's family are not Jewish I printed an explanation about the holiday.


Shavuot occurs exactly seven weeks after Passover - from which it gets its name, 'weeks'. It commemorates two events: the custom of bringing offering to the Temple from among the first of the harvest (Bikurim) and the first animals born from the flocks. Hence it's other name: Harvest Festival. And, it commemorates giving the Torah to the people of Israel on Mount Sinai.

The holiday is one of the three Pilgrimages to the Temple, the other two being Passover and Sukkot. the feast of the Tabernacles.

Among its many customs are decorating the synagogue with greenery, reciting the book of Ruth, and staying up all night studying the Bible.

In today life, Shavuot is the most loved holiday in Israel for the dairy food that is served during the dinner. There is no specific food to serve but everyone have cheesecake as a dessert for this great dinner.

Most people will celebrate the holiday in one the many Kibbutzes in Israel, where a procession of tractors and wagons festooned with flowers and loaden with wheat and the first fruits of the harvest are paraded before the cheering crowd. Most kids will have their own basket full with fruits and vegetables, decorated with flowers. It is traditional to wear whit clothing that day.

In the New Testament we read about Shavuot in the book of Acts when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples as Christ promise them.

We sure did have a blast of time and great food. It was nice to see every one enjoying and having fun. I made lots of food, salads and pastry and cheese plates filled the table. Sue, my sister in low, made broccoli soup (she is a great cooke and I love her soups!) which was really good!

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the food (forgot in the rush of the moment...) but I can show you the nice table we had... :-)

The table

A close up to the setting and a hint from the bread I've baked...

Every one enjoying the food

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carina said...

every time we celebrate our jewish holidays we make it to a point that this will be very special every year... We enjoy Kosher Vacations because we experience the untouched beauty of nature... :-)