Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy New Year Gilad

On September 29 the Jewish nation will celebrate the Jewish new year. It is a big holiday back home in Israel and a very family one, all the family sit around the table eating apple dipped in honey and lots of pomegranates... 

One of the families in Israel will be missing their boy around the table, Gilad Shalit kidnapped two years ago by the Hammas and been kept in captivity since then. We know that he is alive and we all pray for his safe return home and reunion with his family and friends. 

A group of Israelis live in London UK asked people from all around the world to send Gilad a New Year card, the card is to be sent to the Israeli embassy in London and will be transfer to the red cross. We do hope that the Hammas will be willing to give Gilad the cards to lift up his spirit. 

This is the card I've made for him. I've sent it today. 

Come home soon Gilad, we are all praying and waiting for you!!!

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