Thursday, July 16, 2009


Summer.. I'm not a real summer person. I can't take the heat too well... Yes, I know. I grew up in Israel which is a very hot place, I should LOVE the heat... but I don't. I love summer food, summer colors and I love the sun... but I don't like the heat at all! I prefer -40 C and not +40C...

We had a summer swap in 'Frida and Numa'. In Israel every one are going to the beach (mostly on the weekend but you can see people during the week as well). I love going to the beach (early in the morning or late in the after noon - just not in the heat of the day!) and just be there, enjoy the warm water, the warm sand and the beautiful sun sets!

I made a beach bag for my partner. I used a heavy duty fabric for the outside, which have a bright color to it and lined it with a cotton fabric. On the out side I've sewn a big pocket to put extra staff in. Miri, who got my bag sent me a message telling me she loved it and really happy with the swap.

Here some pictures for you to enjoy...

Are you a summer person? What do you like or dislike about Summer?

The bag

The lined fabric

The small deco' circle I've made,
the fish button is from Making Memories

The card I've made to go with the swap


Bentov Anat said...

התיק מדהים ביופיו! אהבתי מאוד

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Chen R. said...

התיק פשוט משגע!! מדהים ביופיו! וגם הכרטיס מקסים :-)