Thursday, July 16, 2009

What do you have in your pockets???

Ever since I've seen the magnetic board Keren-Parparim made I knew that some day I'll make something like that!

Well, this day came few weeks ago when I signed in to a 'pockets' swap. I thought first to make a board using a pink-green combination but after visiting the west side of Canada I came up with the cowgirl look... I really enjoy making the board and making the flower was real fun. For the center of the flowers I cut some circles and used white buttons.

I got a message saying that my partner really liked the pocket-board... :-)

The pocket-board

close up on the flowers

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Bentov Anat said...

עבודות נפלאות אהבתי מאוד. הפרח וינטאג' מקסים לצד המילים החתוכות וגם הפרפר מדהים.

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