Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An antic type set and a bunny...

Sound like a beginning of a joke? Well, not exactly...

Sue loves antic staff, me too, but she's the one that really going hunting for them. On one of the many auctions that she has been she got this antic typing set. I just fell in love with the look and had to use them some place in Barb's "welcome baby" album. I didn't know where to put them and them it hit me... the tags. Every month has a tag for Barb to write any information about the baby (weight, length, what he did etc.), I think it looks really nice, brought some caricature to the tags.

The antic set... It's from 1911!!! pretty old, eh?!?

The tags. Isn't the typing looks really cool here?

The next thing to make was the card to go with the album and the rest of the gift (I got some ideas but didn't make them yet). I always buy pepper craft magazine. Some are for scrapbooking and some are for card making. I took the bunny idea from peperCraft inspiration issue 35, June 2007 ( I had to copy the pattern and cut it my self... well, I'm not use to it any more! Now when I have the Cricut and the Cattlebug :-) hhhha

Isn't he cute??? I think he is!


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