Monday, January 21, 2008

New baby is about to join the Davis's

Barb and Mark are about to have there new baby boy. How exiting! I do wonder how Calum will be as a big brother... I know for my self that it's not easy being the oldest (I'm the oldest from the girls side in the family).

I thought for a long time what to get her as a gift. Second child and in the same sex (two boys) there is not that much that she'll need. So, why not making her a Welcome baby album. Each page is for each month, with special area to put the picture, and in side the pocket I put a tag to write what the baby did this month and destined the rest of the page with ribbons, embellishments, button, letters etc. It took me few days to finish it and still there some staff that I have to add tonight when I'll go to see Sue. She got an antic typewriter set and I want to add some writing to the tags.
For the letters I have used my Cricut machine. I just love it. It is so easy to use and I have so much fun with it. For the tag design I have used Sue's Cuttelbug machine, this one is fun cause you can cut shapes from any material that you want, so the design is not limited only for pepper!
Thanks to Sue I have some orange ribbon inside :-) I went to see her specially for the ribbon yesterday and got to play with my buddy Emerson! He is such a cute little guy!

and now for some pictures, I have a lot so bare with me :-)

That's how the album looks forme the outside, the big flower is: "How to use me?" note for Barb and Mark.

I do hope they all enjoy the album and use it to save great memories
I know I really enjoyed making it!

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