Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, what are you doing in the long cold winter???

I got this question all the time, specially from my friends back in sunny Israel. Growing up in Israel was hot.... the summer there can get very hot and humid (if you live in Tel-Aviv area, like I did). I remember the Israeli summers as a kid before each house had an air condition my mom used to wet flat sheet in ice cold water and hang them inside our apartment so it will be colder inside the rooms. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes it's getting cold in Israel during the winter time (cold for what the people are use to), and we do get sometime lots of rain but it is not even close to the winter here in Canada. I can recall only one time that I have seen snow coming down... It was when I was 16 and went with my dad and my sisters to a trip to the Golan heights. So, you can get the picture of winter in Israel compeer to winter here in Canada, and where this question is coming from...

So what do I do in the winter???

I love the winter here. Not in Toronto, but out in the country there is so much to do and see in the winter time. I love going with Sheldon out to the bush for a hike or snowmobile drive when it is not too cold or snowing out side. I sometime going with Sue and Emerson as well. Sheldon and his family owns lots of properties around so we don't need to go far for a hike :-) We love watching the wild life as well. Deer are my favorite and there are allot of them every where. We love going to the Sugar bush in the winter, you can spot lots of deers over there. The Sugar shack was built by Kristian (Sheldon's brother) and his friend Gouge. In April we are all helping to collect the sap and enjoying the Maple season (YAMMMM!). Be sure I'll have a post about it when the time will come :-)

The Sugar shack

When it is too cold out side for a hike and I have no craft project on mind I love being lazy and take my day easy, watching the TV, reading a good book and surfing the net for craft inspiration... Yes, those are my winter days. I love it!

Two deers making their way...

Now you tell me the truth, isn't that fun?

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