Friday, February 8, 2008

Surprise Surprise

In one of the Israeli's cummuna's, Frida and Numa, (A cummuna it's like a forum on the Internet but it is smallest and for this one you have to be a member to take place in games and swaps) we had a surprise game. Each one of us had to make something to someone else and send it, the receiver didn't know who is going to make the surprise and there was no special request, each one of us had to get as much as information on her partner with out asking question (I went to Adi flicker to see what she likes to do). Adi, my partner love to knit... I know nothing about it (really want to learn but till today didn't) so I made her something that I know to make and I knew that she will use it and hoped she would like (and she did!).

The first thing I have made is a fabric covered notebook for all her notes and remarks. I have used 2 kind of fabrics in the pink tone but not too childish.. ... To close the notebook I have used a ribbon which I attach by some buttons.

Yes, the notebook is open from right to left because Adi writes in Hebrew... :-)
And the notebook open

and the notebook open from the back to show the ribbon and all the buttons

With the notebook I have sent Adi five hand made cards for her use. I have tried to give her cards that don't have a specific event (only one which is for birthday).

For Adi I have made a card using the same fabrics on the notebook

I hope Adi will enjoy the staff I have sent her.. I know I really enjoy making them!

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