Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover in Israel

On April 15 I celebrated my birthday, on the same day I flew to see my family in Israel and celebrate Passover with them. We had 17 people around the table (not including the two babies...). The kids had a blast looking for the Afikoman (A Maza that we hide during the dinner and who ever find it get a gift, my mom bought gifts to all the kids and we had five rounds so evryone got a gift in the end... :-)). Mom cooked all her tradional food and it was so good to have mom's home cooking food :-) I love cooking but I love my mom's food!!!

I'll stay here in Israel for two weeks and then go back home to Canada. I miss Sheldon all ready!
The Passover table at my mom place
A close up on the table

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happyvalentinesdaybram said...

Very nice pictures, cute kids!