Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Roei and Ariel

Roei and Ariel are my two new nephews. I saw Roei first time when he was three months (it was on September 2007) and Ariel was a week old when I went back to Canada from that visit. This visit (April 2008) Roei is 10 months and Ariel is 7, both of them are so active and fun kids. Roei is such a drama queen and every time you dare telling him 'no' his mouth is turned down and a wild scream is sound... it is soooo funny when it happens and I hold my self not to laugh every time it happened :-D. Ariel is a really happy boy and he love to smile and giggle allot, I had lots of fun with them both. Here some pictures of the two of them...

I miss you all back home in Israel!

Ariel and his dad, Yossi (my brother).

Roei, he got his mom light hair

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