Sunday, June 1, 2008

Softy swap

One of the things I like about being active in "Frida and Numa" Kumuna it's the fact that I'm starting to go back for an old love, sewing. Well, I didn't really liked sewing back in high school, but I sure did fashion design...

Any way, to make a long story short few weeks ago I register to a softy swap, softy as it name it's a very soft doll to play with or for decoration. It took me some time to know what I want to make and even when I decided I have changed my mind few times... in the end I made a Babushka inspired softy. Babushka, in Russian mean grandma, and I tried to make my Babushka old but still cute :-)

I've made also a card but didn't take picture of it... so I'll have to ask the girl that got the swap to take a snap shot of the card and then I'll add it to here...
Till then, here is Babushka..

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